The R51 offers the greatest slab load bearing capacity in our range. The 150mm rib spacing allows the greatest number and optimum performance of shear studs to maximise benefits of composite beam design. Using this profile slabs as thin as 100mm can be constructed, whilst still achieving a typical 1 hour fire rating.

R51, available in S350 steel grade is a traditional re-entrant profile and is commonly used on inner city high multi-storey projects where the structural zone is limited, due to the relatively thin slab depth required to achieve a typical 1 hour fire rating.

  1. Available in 0.9mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm gauge.
  2. 101mm minimum slab depth, whilst still achieving 1 hour fire rating.
  3. Wide flat trough provides flexibility for shear stud placement.
  4. Soffit ‘Wedge Nut’ fixings available with load capacity of up to 2kN.
  5. With minimal voids in the concrete section this allows dense slabs to be constructed providing good sound insulation.
  6. Fire Rating up to 4 hours.
  7. Acoustic Robust Solution – Refer ‘Robust Standard Details’.
  8. TAB-Deck™ fibre concrete solution now available.

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