All our shear studs are European in source and adhere to all of the required British and European standards, we will not support the supply of cheaper imports from the Mid & Far East for such critical structural products, our studs are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 13918:2008.

Nelson Stud Welding
The advertised length of our shear studs is length before the welding process. Shear Stud when welded to base metal will be approximately 5mm shorter after weld and when welded through deck 10mm shorter after weld. Lengths for shear connector studs are generally set by governing specifications.

Working in partnership with our good friends at ‘Nelson Stud Welding’, SMD Stockyards is pleased to announce that we are now a UK accredited supplier of ‘Nelson’ headed shear studs. Available from stock these shear studs can be collected same day from any of our stockyards or delivered to your site ‘next day’.

‘Nelson’ shear studs, regarded by many as the best in the market, can either be directly welded to the steel beam or, using the required machinery, can be through deck welded to the steel beam flange after the decking has been installed.

Shear studs are primarily designed to transmit the horizontal shear force between the concrete and beam connection and are commonly used in the design and construction of composite beams.
‘Nelson’ shear studs consist of mild steel and are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 13918:2008.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to call our technical team.

Stock Sizes
19mm x 105mm
19mm x 130mm

All the above sizes are stock at each stockyard for same day or next day delivery.

Other sizes are available on request and can be delivered with 5 working days to your site.

No order too big or too small.

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