Corrugated Metal Decking

Are you searching for a highly respected corrugated metal decking supplier? Then look no further than SMD Stockyards. For the last seven years, we’ve been the point of contact for many customers looking to order quality materials for building construction. Our supplies have shaped Britain’s skylines and thanks to our comprehensive range of services, we can help bring your project to completion. Get started today by calling us on 01202 714990.

Introducing the Country’s Number One Steel Decking Suppliers

Solid steel decking sits at the core of the majority of the UK’s buildings and is vital for providing the support and strength needed to maintain the integrity of these buildings. Steel is commonly used because, as a material, it’s strong, durable, and rust-resistant. As such, corrugated metal decking is a popular choice for customers that choose to shop with SMD Stockyards.

As the leading metal decking suppliers in the country, we carry one of the largest selections of roof and floor decks for use across projects of varying size and complexity. Not only can we supply large customers with the products they need, but we can cater to small clients too. In fact, we’re happy to assist small clients that may be looking to shorten lead-in times as a way of keeping costs down. And regardless of how big your company is, our technical advice is always FREE.

Our Comprehensive Corrugated Metal Decking Provision

Many of our customers use us as a supply-only business, which we’re more than happy to do. Thanks to our excellent yard service, you’ll always find what you’re looking for.

We can advise you, help you choose the right product and get it prepared and ready for collection or delivery in short order. By turning to our professional steel decking suppliers, customers can be assured of several excellent benefits, including:

  • Next-Day Delivery
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Steel Profiles Cut to Size
  • Off-cuts Retained for Smaller Projects
  • Credit Cards Accepted and Credit Accounts Available
  • Quality Products Backed by Honest and Impartial Advice

You’ll be greeted as you arrive and assisted from start-to-finish. As stated above, all our products can be cut to any size, and we also keep off-cuts to hand for those smaller jobs that only require an odd piece or two to complete.

The top steel decking suppliers in the UK

When compared side-by-side with comparable products available, ours easily compete and, in many cases, even exceed the quality on offer. Plus, all the products carried by our metal decking suppliers are CE-marked for your peace of mind.

At SMD Stockyards, we have you covered when it comes to procuring the right materials. But what if you need more than just corrugated metal decking? Not a problem as we offer design and installation services too. So, if you need us to help with the logistics of planning or getting everything set up; we’re the team to call!

To learn more about our excellent corrugated metal decking selection or our comprehensive services, visit our stockyard or call our team to have a friendly chat.

Why Should You Choose Our Metal Decking Suppliers?

In 1987, SMD Ltd was formed, and in 2013, SMD Stockyards joined the SMD Ltd group, bringing about an unbeatable partnership that perseveres to this day. Over the last seven years, we’ve steadily built our reputation and today; we’re regarded as one of the top stockists in the country supplying corrugated metal decking. And much of that reputation has come from the fact that our processes all sit in-line with BS EN ISO 14001:1996 – a benchmark standard for companies such as ours to aim for.

As well as this ISO certification, we’re also accredited by organisations like CSCS and FASET. This is important as you can rest assured that we always uphold health and safety, whether in the yard or on your site. And such assurances won’t cost you extra – our prices will always remain competitive, and our technical advice will always be free. Plus, you’ll always receive honest and impartial advice when you turn to the most reputable steel suppliers around – SMD Stockyards.

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