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Installing floor deck

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Decking on various support

Decking sheets can be laid onto steelwork and should sit on centre-line of the steel beams with a minimum bearing of 50mm.

Where deck is supported by blockwork or masonry, a minimum of 75mm bearing is required.


The decking sheets should then be lapped together and fixed into place using either a shot fired tool or Tek gun screw fixing.

Side laps should also be stitched at 750mm centres. 


Fixing Spacings

Decking must be fixed at a maximum spacing of 300mm centres (300/333mm dependent on profile) at the end of each sheet and 1 per 600mm (For TR60+ 333mm or 666mm respectively) at intermediate supports.

Fixings should be located a minimum of 20mm from the end of the sheet and where more than one fixing per trough is specified, the spacing between fixings in the direction of deck span is to be >45mm. The table below indicates the spacings for the various SMD floor deck profiles:


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