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Service Fixings and Consumables

Service Fixings, Shot fired fixings, stitching screws and more.

Stocked Items

  • Service Fixings  – Easy fixing for alignment of piping and cable trays. Available for R51, TR60+ and TR80+, rod sizes 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.
  • Hilti X-U General Purpose nails and cartridges  –  Fix deck and edge trim to steelwork  (Hilti DX 460 tool required)
  • Hilti S-MD Tek screws  –  Side stitching of deck sheets and fixing restraint straps to edge trims
  • Metal cutting discs  –  Petrol driven disc cutter required
  • Expanding foam and silver tape  –  For sealing around columns and decking butt joints to prevent grout loss
  • Roof and Cladding screws  –  Available with coloured caps

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